New Moon in Leo Insights

How can we take what Leo energy represents and apply it to our own lives this season? 🔥

WHAAAAATT...Rowena has written two blog posts in the span of 10 days, when she hasn't written anything in over a year? What gives?! 

Maybe it's Leo energy. Maybe it's maternity leave. Maybe it's the fact that given many of my days and nights are spent cluster feeding this child lately, I have a lot of time with my thoughts to ideate...and then write those ideas down in the Notes app on my phone...while simultaneously keeping track of how long my son has been eating.

Rowena and RobbieWell, hello there, Robbie Roo!

In any case, it's a nice change compared to the fast-paced, seemingly never-ending grind of cranking out social media content, so I'll ride the wave and continue to see what happens.

But enough conjecturing for now. Let's talk about this New Moon, especially since it happened two days ago as I write this and moon energy tends to hang out for 3 days. 🌚

About the Leo New Moon

The Leo New Moon graced us with its peak the morning of Wednesday August, 16th at 5:38 AM EST. I just so happened to have finished up an early morning feeding with Robbie, so I was able to nurse him back to sleep  and take full advantage when it was at its highest. Yay. 

Leo-inspired Free Writing

Here are some snippets of what came through in the free writing portion of my ritual:

Leo Represents...

  • A lot of Ls for my Little Leo, Robbie. Laughter. Lightness. An embodiment of the past/present/future. Evidence of unconditional love, expressed fully in view. 
  • Visibility. What prevents us from BEING SEEN? What prevents ME from being seen? What am I so afraid of? That I'll finally be seen as REAL?  And what is real anyway? Who has the right to claim that what is real to me isn't real to you? We are all projecting our own realities constantly anyway. 
  • Intentionality. What do I hope for? What is the line, the balance, the BOUNDARIES between showmanship and building community? What can Leo show us in this regard? How can we be authentic without pushing anyone away? Will the people who "truly matters" actually stay? 
  • Is ABANDONMENT Leo's (my) greatest fear? Is insecurity so secure that it prevents us from living our true potential? 

Only one way to find out.


Firebending: Reflections and Grounding

After my free writing, I felt it was important to get grounded. I reflected on the latest episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender that my husband and I have been rewatching while feeding the baby/getting ready for bed. It just so happens that a master firebender, Jeong Jeong, was commenting on the power of fire and I thought it was so appropriate for considering Leo Season and the Leo New Moon:

Water is cool and soothing, earth is steady and stable. But fire? Fire is alive! It breathes, it grows, without a bender, a rock will not throw itself. But fire will spread and destroy everything in its path if one does not have the will to control it! That is its Destiny!

This quote in particular made me reflect on creativity specifically — how the fire within us, that spark, that idea, that activism, that INNER MUSE within us — can grow and become alive if we tend to it. How do we motivate creativity in action, if at all? How can we inspire our fire, our light, our destiny, more often thanks to this New Moon?

Card Pulls

As per usual with ALL of my rituals (again, you do you boo — feel free to take all of this as educational or as a template, whatever works for you and your spiritual journey!) I close things out with some card pulls and readings. This time I felt called to pull from Colette Baron-Reid's Goddess Power Oracle (my second ever deck, thanks to my first coach, AmyLee Westervelt 💜)  and man oh man, the messages were exactly on point, including the Affirmation from Lori Bregman's Doula Deck:

An image of Rowena's card pulls from the New Moon.

LILITH. "No one can prevent you from fully blooming, from learning all your can, from evolving and choosing freedom...refuse to let your old stories keep you down."

NYX. "Surrender your need to and all will be revealed in diving timing."

The surrendering bit has been a CONSTANT reminder (and let's be honest, a call out from Mama Universe, heh) this year so that was particularly poignant for me. Shoutout to my coaches/mentors Natalia Benson and Leo Max for our detailed conversations about softening to the surrender. I'm working on it and the cards were showing me that I still have more to do...!

Tarot Spread

Lastly, I conducted this New Moon Medicine Tarot Spread by my Tarot teacher, Lindsay Mack (I know, I'm truly blessed to have so many coaches/teacher/mentors, I collect them like WOAH haha) and it was the final emphasis point on the FIERY nature of Leo Season.

A spread of tarot cards from the Next World Tarot by Cristy C. RoadFrom Cristy C. Road's Next World Tarot Deck

Final Thoughts

Key takeaways from this New Moon? We're entering a new paradigm, which calls for a new process. We need Leo's creative energy to get us started, but we need to heed Jeong Jeong's words of caution when it comes to discipline. We need the confidence of Lilith, with the discernment of Nyx. 

And we all need to ultimately trust ourselves, first and foremost.

New Moon Blessings to You,

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Dr. Rowena

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