Unleash Your Power Through the Lion's Gate Portal

Today is 8/8/2023, which is also known as the peak of the Lion's Gate Portal. I wanted to share some info on WTF this even means, and provide some ritual suggestions so you can take advantage of this super potent energy. 

Real talk: it's been a hot Leo Season minute since I've written a long form blog post, but now that Baby Robbie (!!) and I have successfully napped it felt like an appropriate time to get some thoughts down on the good ol' blog. 😄

The infinity symbol.

What is the Lion's Gate Portal?

From July 26th to August 12th the star Sirius is in alignment with the Leo Sun, Orion's Belt, and the Earth. August 8th is the peak of this cosmic event, which opens a portal into massive manifestation power, prosperity, and opportunities to invite abundance into our lives

Why the Number 8?

The number 8 in and of itself is super powerful. In numerology, 8 represents wealth and good luck, as well as infinite possibilities. The number 8 has also been known to represent ambition, karma, and endurance. In Chinese culture, the number 8 is the luckiest number and is highly sought after as a date for weddings and other celebrations. 

Number 8 and the Tarot

Looking at 8 from the perspective of the Tarot, there are also some synchronicities at play here tied to Lion's Gate Portal energy. According to intuitive Tarot teacher Lindsay Mack, the 8s are all about transformation. Like the infinity symbol it represents, drawing an 8 card in the Tarot invites us to enter a journey/lived experience/spiritual path one way and be willing to exit it another way, completely reborn. 

There needs to be an openness to this process, however, and that's where the 8th card in the Major Arcana, Strength, comes in. (BTW, Next World Tarot is an AMAZING deck and my personal favorite).

A picture of the Strength Tarot card from the Next World Tarot by Cristy C. Road.

The Strength card is ruled by Leo (Coincidence? Probs not!) and according to Lindsay Mack it's a reminder to lead with our hearts in a more vulnerable, undefended way. This does not mean we need to show up weak and super emotional, but actually quite the opposite — by becoming more aware of our feelings and not bypassing them, by showing up more intentionally with our vulnerability, we can more easily embrace the things that feel scary but could ultimately transform us for the better. 

How to Take Advantage of Lion's Gate Portal Energy

In case you're still confused as to why so many of us mystical healers and mentors are super jazzed about the Lion's Gate Portal Peak, here's the bottom line: TODAY IS THE DAY TO GET YOUR MANIFESTATION ON.

Now I know that manifestation practices have become super trendy in more recent times, and may result in mixed success for people, but I would strongly urge you to take advantage of this portal if you want to give it a serious go. Today the veil is especially thin, Mama Universe is open and available to take our calls, and those of us with psychic channels are going to be downloading messages like woah. 😱

So, if you want to engage in a ritual tonight and have no idea where to begin, let me share what I did early this morning after feeding my newborn:

Step 1. Reflect on Last Year's Lion's Gate Portal.

Take a look at old journals, social media posts, emails, etc. and see what was going on in your life around this time last year. Are there any themes that stick out to you that seem particularly relevant now? Journal about it. Is there something that still needs to be released or reworked in your life? Unpack that situation and assess what you think should happen next. 

Step 2. Engage in a Burning Ritual.

Leo is a fire sign, so the use of fire for Lion's Gate is very appropriate to release what is no longer needed to move on and manifest the life of your dreams. Are there areas of self-sabotage that seem to always be getting in the way of what you truly want? Are there limiting beliefs at play here? What about previous experiences that need to be reframed? Take the time to write these things down...then burn them all away.

Step 3. Scripting Magic.  

Now that the old ish has been released and burned, now's the time to get to the manifestation bit. This part of the practice is a hybrid from Gala Darling's Magical Morning Practice and AmyLee Westervelt's Scripting Your Dreams Into Life Masterclass that I tweaked specifically for the Lion's Gate Portal. I felt that this practice in particular helped get me into the right mindset in terms of my true manifestations, by focusing on the feelings I desired vs. the tangible, physical things. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Open your journal (or Voice Memo app, I've done both modalities before). 
  2. Write/speak what you are grateful for. Really think deeply and feel into what brings you the utmost gratitude. 
  3. Write/speak about NEXT YEAR as if it already happened, i.e., "This has been an EPIC YEAR and here's why..." Be as detailed as possible — record the sights, the sounds, the experiences, the people. You want to write/speak as if this has already happened and you're doing a fabulous recap for your annual review or upcoming memoir. 😉
  4. End your journal entry/voice memo with more gratitude for how your year transpired. Once again, really feel into how gracious you are for the abundance you received in the past year, as your next year self.
  5. Sign off on the journal entry/voice memo as if you're sealing a contract with Mama Universe. 
  6. OPTIONAL: if you're not keeping your scripting in a special notebook, feel free to fold the paper toward yourself to bring all that juicy abundance toward you and put the paper in a special place for safekeeping.  
  7. ALSO OPTIONALShare with a friend for additional support. 

Step 4. Card Pulls. 

I wrapped up my practice with some card pulls to bring everything together. Depending on your interests and/or experience level this can be a Tarot card spread or an Oracle card pull.

This morning I decided to pull four cards from four different Oracle decks to represent the following:

  1. The Mindful Collective's Soulful Affirmation Oracle Deck: to get into the right vibe and headspace;
  2. Alana Fairchild's Isis Oracle Deck: to represent the past and what needs to be released;
  3. Denise Linn's Sacred Destiny Oracle Deck: to represent the present and what to focus on now;
  4. Lori Bregman's Doula Deck: to represent the future and what to look forward to.

Obviously you should select decks that call out to you (for example, the Doula Deck is very top of mind for me right now as I now have a less-than-one-week-old at home!) but my hope is that the messages that come through for you are as potent as the ones that came up for me — see my spreads below. 

A picture of the Attract card from the Mindfulness Collective Soulful Affirmation Oracle Deck.
A pic of a three card spread, including the Isis Oracle Deck, the Sacred Destiny Deck, and the Doula Deck.


Other Ritual Suggestions

The beauty of engaging in any spiritual practice is that the possibilities are endless (much like the vibe of the Lion's Gate Portal) so don't feel like you have to follow what I did to a T — the most important thing is to do things that feel authentic and aligned for YOU. But if you're still trying to figure that out for yourself, here are some additional ways to celebrate this extremely powerful cosmic event:

  • Mirror work: look at yourself in the mirror and speak affirmations to your future self. I really enjoyed listening to these Goddess Affirmations today. I also sell digital affirmation decks
  • Inner child work: write a letter to your younger self from your future self. Check out my Inner Child Healing Workshop for more resources and ideas. 
  • Glamour work: dress up and/or put on makeup as your future self.
  • Vision board work: Either cut up magazines (old school crafting FTW!) or create something on Canva that you can display as your phone and/or computer wallpaper. 

Happy Lion's Gate Portal and best of luck with your manifestations! 💗 

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