How to Spread Authentically Aligned Messaging

Hello friends. And hello Gemini Season. Who’s ready to channel their inner messenger god(dess)?

Gemini Goddess
In the spirit of Gemini-ness, I wanted to put on my marketing communications hat for a bit (16 years and counting, whaddup!) to discuss promoting messages that are more aligned to the authentic YOU. This dissemination can be done on various levels, via different platforms, but the outcome remains the same — you feel like you’ve done yourself a service by speaking YOUR Truth. 

And despite what those dang algorithms tell you — at the end of the day, that’s the only audience member that matters. 


But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s take a look at what authentically aligned messaging even means, then how you can spread those sweet words among the masses.

What is Authentically Aligned Messaging?

As a coach who works with women on finding their authentic alignment, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a definition of what the heck that even means. 

Based on my client-based work and own exploration, authentically aligned messaging is…

  • Derived from messages we intuit from Source/Spirit/God,
  • Through removing distractions/limiting beliefs/conditioning/old programming,
  • That flows freely from our hearts without question,
  • And feels strongly called to be spoken about, shared, and heard.

It’s being in communion with our Inner Muse, and then intentionally acting upon the result of that communion. It’s following our intuition, despite what others may think or what societal conventions have taught us. It’s meeting our edges. It’s expansion. It’s surrender. It’s potential. It’s peace.

And when others see you walking in that energy — don’t worry — they will all KNOW you’re embodying your authentic alignment.

Aligned Queen
Once you’ve gotten the message(s) crafted in the way you intended, it’s time to share. Here are four ways to spread your authentically aligned message, based on different levels. 

#1. On an Individual Level: Find Your Spiritual Practice

Before you share your message, you need to be confident in it first for yourself. With the distractions of the outside world conditioning us to believe that everything we need is outside of ourselves, inviting stillness consistently and often is key to sorting through it all. 

This is where the importance of spiritual maintenance practice, like a morning or evening routine, a meditation group, journaling, and/or a daily walk can come in handy. I recently listened to Glennon Doyle’s podcast interview with Liz Gilbert (two of my fav authors BTW) and I LOVED learning more about Gilbert’s daily spiritual practice

Bottom line: finding a spiritual practice that works for you, in a way that opens you up to communicate with the divine, allows you to tap into your message more clearly and easily. 

This Level in Action: Watch my IG Live episode on the “Structure” component of my coaching framework for some ideas.


#2. On an Interpersonal Level: Conversations with Others

Once you’ve discovered your message on an individual level, it may help to refine it with the help of a trusted mentor, friend, or colleague.

Remember, we are social creatures by nature and cannot operate in isolation for too long, especially when we are getting in touch with a more divinely-guided version of ourselves. When it comes to alignment and messaging, finding the right people to connect with is key. And I certainly mean the right people — don’t get discouraged or distracted by “energetic vampires” who do not vibe at your new level. Surround yourself with folks who “get it” and are ready to hold up the mirror and willing to go deep. 

Mirror Work

Do these people not exist in your most immediate circle? Take advantage of the resources available. Find a spiritual community, join a mastermind, hop into a Clubhouse room, hire a coach. We have the entire world at our literal fingertips. Let’s take inspired action steps to get our messages out there with the help of people who have been there, and watch how things take off. 

This Level in Action: Watch my Revelations with Rowena live interview series, where I chat with spiritual biz owners about their journeys. 


#3. On a Group Level: Build Community

You’ve chatted about your messaging with your mentors, colleagues, and friends. You’re feeling really great about the feedback and may have even gained visibility for your idea(s). Now what?

You may feel it’s time to take your message to the next level, which is through building community. One-on-one conversations are great, but the ripple effect tends to be greater when you make an even bigger splash. 

Ripple Swan

So, let’s find a bigger rock for you to throw. Or a larger net to cast. Or whatever similar type of water-based analogy here. You get the picture.

How do you intend to build community? Is it through word-of-mouth? A Facebook group? An in-person lunch-and-learn? A monthly email newsletter? A series of tweets? A TikTok or Instagram reel?

And what’s the vibe of this community? Is it meant to be educational? Solely entertainment? A way to get tips on best business practices? Explore the depth of your authentically aligned messaging and feel into what may be right for you. 

This Level in Action: Join my Inner Muse Membership and become a part of a monthly container where we'll talk about topics like authenticity, messaging, and maintaining a spiritual practice.


#4 On a Societal Level: Find a Global Platform

Alright, you’ve made it. You’ve received your message through introspection and stillness, then refined it with trusted colleagues. You’ve built a community around what you’ve wanted to say, but you feel like it needs to be shared even wider.

If you’ve made it this far, I want to take this opportunity to affirm you — you are in the right place. Do not doubt those feelings for one second, because there is 1000% a reason why you feel so drawn to spread this message. If this is becoming something to the level of “life’s work,” I don’t see why you can’t continue taking inspired action steps to climb higher and higher. You are worthy to be seen and heard, and you are indeed ready.

As mentioned in #2, we have the advantage to search for global platforms quickly and with ease. Use good ol’ Google, tap your networks, and ask the right question that will lead you to the right people. Use manifestation techniques to focus your energy on the next part of the journey for you. Once you get there, you will know you’ve found the home for your message.

This Level in Action: Watch my TEDx Talk on how to find authentic alignment for yourself through my Inner Muse Method and let me know what you think! 



So, What’s Next?

Based on the 4 levels I’ve shared, coupled with my own personal examples, I hope you’ve gotten a sense of what authentically aligned messaging is, and how you can find ways to distill and disseminate your message. Your voice is super valuable and needs to be heard! 

And if you need help refining YOUR amazing, glorious authentically aligned messaging, check out my Intuitive Marketing offering and let’s set up a Catalyst Call! 

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