Fall Reflections and Revelations

Can you believe that we're officially in September? Just seems like yesterday that we were all gearing up for the summer, but here we are, prepping for PSLs, plaid shirts, and apple picking. 🍎

I've always been a fan of the Fall. The weather is more manageable here in Maryland compared to the sticky humidity of the summer months, and I've always been a fan of layering outfits and feeling comfortable — imagine the versatility of boots and a denim jacket! The crispness in the air feels to me like a reset, and the "First Day of School!" posts all over my social media feeds are reminding me that we're once again getting ready for yet another transition. 

It's been such a weird and interesting time.

And yet — it's a more potent example of how everything around us is so...cyclical. Spiralic, even, as the amazing Lindsay Mack would conjecture. Just when we feel we've got things "figured out" a bit, something shifts and we're trying to figure it all out again. Just when we're easing into the groove of a season, we're forced to fall into favor with something else. 

It.is.a.constant evolution. 


As someone who used to hate uncertainty, this past year and a half has softened me into accepting the art of surrendering. It's a kinder, less exhausting vibe compared to hustling and grinding, and it's allowed me to expand in ways I didn't know would be possible — in such a short period of time. And quite honestly, in about a fraction of the effort.

It's kinda amazing to know (and feel!) when you're falling into alignment. HOW EASY IT ACTUALLY IS!

But here's the kicker: we actually don't have everything under control...and that's ok. By approaching the unknown from a space of curiosity — and perhaps even embracing that we don't know what's next — we may be closer to becoming more integrated and whole than ever before. It can be within reach.

There is a lot this season has to offer to get us there.

For starters, we are heading into the thick of Virgo Season. Let's get organized by getting rid of what doesn't serve. Let's add structure where it makes sense and only where it makes sense. Fuck the rest, honestly. No need to force anything that doesn't fit. Not everything is or has to be perfect. The imperfections are what make us the most resonant and powerful — DO NOT forget that — no matter how much you may want to put up that façade. 

Do you, boo. ❤️ And the rest will fall into place.

And if you need the support to get there, know that I am here. That I've been there. That I'm still working toward this whole "letting go" thing, but when you have a breakthrough, WOAH. Just you wait.

That's when the magic REALLY happens. ✨

Until next time,



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