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Cultivate Catch Up: V-Day Edition

So I know that I was supposed to finish this writing challenge several weeks ago, but between the start of the semester + traveling to a destination wedding, I got to a place where I was so far behind that it was impossible to catch up. But as with many things with life, I am going to start off by making this a teachable moment in that I can’t beat myself up over it, and to move forward doing the best that I possibly can.

Cultivate Catch Up: Healing

No reflection on the past year is worth having without thinking about the bad as well as the good. In my opinion (as this prompt indicates), it is through some of the bad, tough, and challenging stuff that we can emerge more insightful and stronger than ever.

Cultivate Catch Up: Letting Go

Yikes. I am *so* behind on these posts – it’s been over 10 days since I’ve responded to a prompt. But as this prompt states (from Day 6, I’ve decided to be selective instead of trying to go crazy trying to catch up!) I just need to LET IT GO.

Cultivate Day 2: Time

Cultivate Day 1: Achieve

As mentioned on my Former Blogs page, every year I participate in a blogging challenge to get me thinking about what’s next and in store for me for the new year. I am excited to be participating in Cultivate for another year, which was started by Meredith Shadwill. You can read more about the motivation behind Cultivate on Meredith’s blog here.