Visualizing Methodology in CEnR

So I’m not exactly answering this blog post prompt correctly because I am not developing a PowerPoint presentation, but I did want to share a poster that my amazingly gifted grad student Candace Parrish (hire her folks!) designed for us as part of the VCU Institute for Women’s Health annual event: Women’s Health Research Day.

As someone who pretty much dreads making posters, I really appreciate Candace’s wonderful attention to detail and how she makes the research we’ve conducted stand out and pop. I love how her poster designs stray from the boring, usual academic poster presentation  – and I think it helped us a bit in our case, as the work presented in this very poster won the Building Interdisciplinary Bridges in Women’s Health Research Award (that came with a snazzy $1000 prize for conference travel might I add!).

Another awesome thing about this poster was that I was able to give it to our community partner, the Action Alliance, so that they could display it in their office/share it with staff, etc. It was a nice token of our appreciation for being so willing to work with us!

IWH_RedFlag Poster

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